Choosing the best folding table for your application – Folding Table 101

How to choose a folding table “Quality” is often cited by customers as the most important factor when choosing their table supplier and typically encompasses durability, lightweight, ease of handling, and ease of maintenance. Of late, many customers stress that purchasing tables are capital decisions so the motivation is ROI. “We want to buy products that will last a long time and whose manufacturers are accountable and will be there if there is a problem or a need to replicate or replace,” states a hospitality purchaser of Mity-Lite tables and chairs. As such, it is important to understand that many
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Seating for Large Groups

Comfort is key for every successful large group event. Despite all of the efforts that go into making a special event successful, wise event planners know that when their guests are seated for extended periods of time, nothing affects their level of comfort more than the venue’s seating. As such, large hospitality venues look for specific chair attributes when selecting their banquet seating. Among these factors is the chair’s cushion. A thick cushion doesn’t necessarily mean more comfort. Mity-Lite’s Comfort Seating banquet chairs use MDI-based polyurethane flexible foam that provides a superior longer-term quality and improved pressure redistribution. A recline
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Mity-Lite Sets New Durability Standard with Round ABS Folding Tables Featuring MITY-EDGE

Mity-Lite, Inc. has introduced a new durability standard for its round ABS Folding Table line through the introduction of MITY-EDGE™. Representing a proprietary new edge construction and application process, Mity-Lite™ Round ABS Folding Tables with MITY-EDGE now offer customers marked durability improvements. When compared against leading competitors’ folding tables, Mity-Lite’s Round ABS Folding Tables with MITY-EDGE last three times longer. Mity-Lite proves durability by simulating real-world use and measuring edge failure through a series of intense rolling and impact tests. The patented construction of Mity-Lite’s ABS Tables ensures edge and corner durability as well as a level table surface that
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As you can now see, we launched our blog today! We figured it was time to give our “About Us” page a facelift and as such, create an opportunity to share news and insights about our company, our durable lightweight products, and the industries and customers we serve. The MityLite team is excited about the possibilities this interactive endeavor gives us and we look forward to communicating with you on a more regular basis. Please feel free to share with us your comments and suggestions.