Stacking Chairs

Mity-Lite, the leading manufacturer of lightweight and durable multi-purpose room furniture, offers four different stacking chairs to meet your needs. Click on each stacking chair below for more detailed information.

Mesh Stacking Chair
Mesh•One™ - Mesh Stacking Chair

Mity-Lite's revolutionary Mesh•One™ Stacking Chairs exceed all expectations for comfortable, stackable seating. Available as a side chair or in a mobile configuration, these mesh stacking chairs durably perform multiple tasks; high-end value for less than $100.

Mesh•One™ Stacking Chairs combine elastomeric mesh and with a contemporary, patent-pending design to deliver the ultimate in lightweight durability, comfort, and value. Ideal for conference, training, business center, and all other environments where guest comfort is paramount.

Adapt Stacking Chair
Adapt Stacking Chair

The ADAPT stacking chair is the ultimate lightweight stacking chair. Durably constructed to support 1,000 lbs yet weighs less than 8 lbs! Its breathable seat and backrest conform to the shape of an individual and deliver superior comfort. Perfect for most facilities, ADAPT will provide years of quality use.

SwiftSet® Stacking Chairs
SwiftSet® Stacking Chair

Where: Perfect for Colleges and Universities, Junior and Senior High Schools, Park and Recreation Centers, Cafeteria and Dining Facilities, Health Care Centers and Auditoriums, Reception Areas, and Places of Worship. SwiftSet Stacking chairs solve labor and storage problems with quick and easy set-ups and extremely dense stacking (Stack up to 25 chairs high for storage). Ganging or linking. TB 133 Fire Code.

Options: Choose from over 20 frame and plastic color options.

SwiftSet® Stacking Chairs
SwiftSet® HD™

Where: Training facilities, conference rooms, convention centers, colleges or universities or other venues where extremely durable stacking chairs are required.

Options: Chromed steel rod frame with built in ganging or linking system. Available in six standard colors with ten additional colors.

Aluminum Chiavari Stacking Chair

Where: Aluminum Chiavari stacking chairs are perfect for use as a ballroom chair, dining chair or for any special event where the classic Chiavari look is desired.

Options: Frames available in Gold, Silver, White, and Mahogany. Chiavari chair cushions (Ivory, White, Black), All-purpose Dolly.

Aluminum Napoleon Stacking Chair

Where: Aluminum Napoleon stacking chairs are perfect for use at a wedding event center, dining hall, reception, patio or other well-appointed gathering space.

Options: Frames available in Gold, Mahogany, Silver, White, and Black. Chair cushions (Ivory, White, Black), All-purpose Dolly.