Stacking Chairs


MityLite, the leading manufacturer of lightweight and durable multi-purpose room furniture, offers six different stacking chairs to meet your needs. Click on each stacking chair below for more detailed information.

  • ADAPT Stacking Chair

    The ADAPT stacking chair is the ultimate lightweight stacking chair. Durably constructed to support 1,000 lbs yet weighs less than...

  • MeshOne™ Stacking Chair

    Mity-Lite's revolutionary Mesh•One™ Stacking Chairs exceed all expectations for comfortable, stackable seating. High-end value...

  • SwiftSet® Stacking Chair

    SwiftSet Stacking chairs solve labor and storage problems with quick and easy set-ups and extremely dense stacking (Stack up to 25...

  • SwiftSet® HD Stacking Chair

    Enjoy the sleek contours and innovative style of MityLite’s new SwiftSet HD™ high density stacking chair. Stacks 30 chairs hi...

  • Aluminum Napoleon Stacking Chair

    Perfect for use for anywhere a classical look is desired, Aluminum Napoleon stacking chairs combine refined elegance with unmatche...

  • Aluminum Chiavari Stacking Chair

    Mity-Lite's Aluminum Chiavari stacking chair combines classic elegance with unmatched durability. Lightweight handling make set ...

  • Pixel Stacking Chair

    Go higher and make connections with the Pixel Chair! Thoughtfully designed with low profile frame and ergonomically contoured seat...

  • Meta Stacking Chair

    Meta is an agile side chair with task-chair qualities; it gives your people a comfortable place to sit, whether it’s for seconds...





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