“Our SwiftSet Folding chairs are easy to fold, durable, and very comfortable. I can carry 6 chairs at a time to move into different set up locations. They do not flex or distort like the rental chairs we used to use. And I get asked all the time where we bought them!”
— Jennett Shepherd, Owner, Reception Center

“We love our new tables. They look great in our meeting rooms and they are so light! Our clients are also impressed. We hope to use the tables for a very long time. Thanks again!”
— Amy Bartley, Manager of Conference Services & Audio Visual

“I just want to let you know how pleased we are with our Mity-Lite tables. They've been in service for 4 years now and have survived approximately 100 wedding receptions and business seminars with little or no damage...thanks again for the regular follow up calls and customer service.”
— Kip Rodecker, Building Manager

“We love our round tables because they are easy to setup. The folding table rolls roll off the cart and into place efficiently, legs snap easily, the surfaces clean easily and they are STURDY. Our users are often "wedding reception" clients and the tables look good either with or without a tablecloth. Keep the great products rolling off the assembly line and keep up your excellent service -- we love Mity-Lite!”
— Dan McCain, Association President

“In our facility we need to set up and tear down our function rooms on a daily basis. Our SwiftSet HD chairs are light yet sturdy, and comfortable as well as nice to look at. Because of fire codes we need to interlock the chairs. Fortunately, the HD has the best ganging system I have ever seen. Nice product!”
— Carol Tuttle, Assistant Director

“We have been switching out our white wood folding chairs for resin chairs over the last two or three years. The DuraMax chairs are comfortable and attractive, and the maintenance is practically nothing--much easier and more economical than scraping and repainting our wood chairs. Bad weather or humidity does not affect the DuraMax chairs, so a sudden storm doesn't send us running to get them inside.”
— Denna C. Fyock, President

“We purchased Mity-Lite SwiftSet Stacking chairs for use in one of our auditoriums for band and orchestra events. The groups love them! They transport easily on and off stage and are light and durable. I'd recommend them to anyone.”
— Jeffrey Younglove, Director, Events

“We purchased banquet chairs for our new convention center to provide clients with greater comfort than expected from the usual meeting facility. In fact, when we tour event planners through the center, we encourage them to try one of our chairs. Their reaction is ALWAYS positive and I know on several occasions that this has helped us make the sale. Mity-Lite worked with us to “raise the bar” for attendee comfort in our center.”
— Mack Stone, VP/General Manager