Magnattach® Portable Dance Floor

The most advanced portable dance floor in the world!
Magnattach® outperforms all others in Speed, Durability & Safety.



  • Lowest cost of ownership and operation
  • Patented magnet & steel wedge-lock system
  • Durable Wilsonart® brand laminate finishes
  • Over 400 pounds of magnetic pull in each panel
  • No moving parts, unbreakable construction
  • Lightweight honeycomb core
  • Extruded aircraft grade aluminum frame & trim


  • Fast assembly/disassembly cuts labor costs up to 90%
  • Each panel self-locks—no tools needed!
  • No sanding or refinishing required
  • Gap free set-up with no panel separation
  • No wear, no repair, no problems
  • Easy handling and resilient feel that dancers prefer
  • Decades long durability, highest quality & precision
Portable Dance Floor

The Most Advanced Portable Floor in the World.
A 20’x20’ Magnattach® portable dance floor can be assembled or disassembled in less than 7 minutes—which means your time and labor can be reduced by up to 90%! In addition to the fast setup, you’ll appreciate the rich color, durability and easy maintenance of Wilsonart® brand laminate finishes. To learn how you can "try before you buy", give us a call at 1-800-909-8034.

Triple Lock Security
Magnattach’s patented 3-way locking system provides unprecedented safety and security.
Each dance floor panel features ultra high strength magnets, interlocking steel wedge bars and
aluminum edge ramps that all work together to lock panels like a vise. No other floor has these features!

Seamless Beauty, Flawless Dancing
Magnattach® is the only portable dance floor available with all locking structure
and framing located below the dance surface. Bottom line? Dancers prefer Magnattach.

Superior Materials, Design, and Manufacturing
To set a new benchmark for ease of use, precision fit, and beauty—only the finest materials are
used. Permanent magnets are ultra-high strength nickel plated Neodymium, mounted to the aircraft
grade aluminum frame. Together, these high quality materials ensure perfect fit & finish, and are
manufactured to tolerances of less than seven 1000ths of an inch.

No Moving Parts
The locking system has ZERO moving parts—so there’s nothing to wear, break, or repair. No screws, no cam locks, no tabs. The design provides a superior locking system that is incredibly simple to use.

Self Locking, No Separation Design

High power magnets self-lock, align, and hold the floor during use employing over 400 pounds of force per panel. Interlocking steel wedge bars prevent both lateral slide and separation as no portable floor has ever done before.

Patented Edge Trim

In addition to providing a smooth transition to the dance floor, Magnattach edge trim uses both magnets and tangent steel bars to tightly lock and hold all perimeter panels. The result is a virtual ‘vice lock’ around the entire dance floor.

Lowest Cost to Own
An important consideration when purchasing equipment is total cost of ownership over time. Initial price is a factor, but with ‘old tech’ portable flooring, slow setups & breakdowns impose huge ongoing costs. In contrast, Magnattach reduces operating costs so drastically, that the initial premium is recouped in less than one year. Additionally, extremely fast setup and breakdown allows you to ‘turn’ rooms that could never have been sold using ‘old tech’ floors. Magnattach provides a new source of revenue as well.


The Magnattach Advantage
Magnattach® portable dance floors outperform all others in speed, durability, & safety to provide the lowest cost of ownership. For additional info, call Mity Lite at 1-800-909-8034.

In just 5 years, Magnattach saves you $24,000 in ownership costs vs. 3' x 3' competitor floors.
*Assumptions 20'x20' Magnattach® floor (normal % off) versus 21'x21' screw type floor (normal % off.) Two average persons setting up / taking down either floor, two uses per week, two carts per floor. Magnattach 7-minute setup or takedown time, screw type floor 1.5 hour setup or takedown. $10.63 / hour wage with 2.1% CPI rise per year.

Portable Dance Floor Setup

Portable Dance Floor Setup

Portable Dance Floor Setup