Madera™ Laminate Tables

Safer to handle, more durable & weigh 20% less than the competition

A leading performer in Mity-Lite’s full spectrum folding table line, Madera Laminate Tables provide superior handling and durability while weighing measurably less than other laminate table brands.

Madera Laminate Tables exclusively feature “Easy-Grip” aluminum runners to provide safe and efficient handling and a superior strength to weight ratio. Available in hundreds of laminate finishes with a flush aluminum edge or an optional “C” edge with high-impact corners, Madera Laminate Tables can be customized to fit any design need and stand up to abusive commercial environments. The Madera Laminate’s table surface is also easy to clean, maintenance-free and can be used without linens.

Madera - How laminate tables should be made!

Laminate Table Styles


Features & Benefits:
  • Durable structure supports 1,000+ lbs (454kg) yet weighs 20% lighter than competitor tables
  • “Easy-Grip” aluminum runners eliminate painful splinters and provide safe, efficient handling
  • Stain-resistant table surfaces won't crack or splinter & are heat & water resistant
  • Maintenance-free construction; never needs sanding or refinishing
  • High-impact corners can withstand a 2 ft. drop and are replaceable if necessary
  • Expanded line of Rectangular, Round & Specialty sizes now available
  • Broad cart offering—Compatible with all Mity-Lite table carts
  • Made in the USA