OneSeries Pro Folding Chair

OneSeries PRO from Mity-Lite sets the standard for comfort in a folding chair at an economical price. Constructed in the USA from high-impact steel & stain-resistant polymers, OneSeries PRO is extremely durable and stands up to the rigors of commercial use. With its unique ventilated design, OneSeries PRO’s breathable seat and backrest flex to the contours of each individual, minimize pressure points and provide unbelievable comfort. Experience excellent ergonomics at an economical price, choose OneSeries PRO!

Flex One Folding Chair

Durable and Lightweight:

  • Supports 1,000+  lbs yet weighs 20% less than upholstered folding chairs
  • Durable polypropylene seat and backrest are stain, scratch, & UV resistant
  • Made in USA, 12-year limited warranty, & Quick-Ship available
  • Easy to clean, handle & store
Incredible Comfort:
  • Ventilated, ergonomic design with flexible backrest & seat
  • Generous seat width is 1.5 inches wider than standard folding chairs
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Minimizes pressure points


Available in hundreds
of color combinations

Minimum Order Quantities May Apply

Anonymous reviews from actual users:

"I purchased 250 of these chairs for our brunch. My customers were wowed by the strength and quality."

"Unbelievable value; deceptively comfortable. Stacks nicely and has non-slip feet."

"Had one customer of about 400 lbs say it was the first time he sat in a folding chair that he felt safe in."

"Love these chairs! So much more comfortable than any other folding chairs we've ever come across."

"This is a remarkable new style of chair design."