Folding Chairs

Mity-Lite, the leading manufacturer of durable and lightweight furniture systems offers four different folding chairs to meet your needs. Click on a folding chair below for detailed information.

Mesh Folding Chair
Mesh•One™ Folding Chair

The Mesh•One bridges the gap between an upholstered chair and high-end conference stacker. By providing the comfort of mesh office seating, Mity-Lite has replaced the uncomfortable qualities of traditional folding chair seats and backs with a breathable elastomeric mesh chair. Better than upholstered chair comfort—without the upholstery and without the price. Cart available.

Flex•One Folding Chair
OneSeries™ PRO Folding Chair

The OneSeries™ PRO Folding Chair chair features a patterned plastic design which allows the seat and backrest to flex and support the contours of your body.

SwiftSet® Folding Chair
SwiftSet® Folding Chair

Mity-Lite’s SwiftSet® Folding Chair features an award winning design that handles your most demanding seating needs. This popular chair is a smart option for those desiring a folding chair that is comfortable, durable and easy to store.

Options: Upholstered cushions, Available in a variety of colors.

Duramax™ Resin Folding Chair
Duramax™ Pro Resin Folding Chair

Where: Outdoor receptions, wedding chairs, indoor banquets, churches, and anywhere a classic seating look is required.

Options: Available in White or Black. Carts and storage covers also available.